pupils/students/young adults


You are teenager/trainee and you need support at school/work. Don`t be shy and contact us. Together we'll see how we can help you!


Do you need support at school?


Are you looking for someone to help you with your education?


Could you use help and tips on organising your daily routine?


You feel unsure about who you should go to an office or authority alone?


You had to flee your home country and are looking for help on how to get an educational qualification or vocational training here?


--> Then it's worth getting in touch with us.


We will find you an adult who enjoys working with young people and who can help you. This person (mentor) does this voluntarily and without any payment


To do this, we need you to


the willingness to actively participate in the sponsorship, to be honest and open in your dealings with each other

Fairness and respect towards your sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, there are various ways to get in touch with us:


via the contact form: Write us an email (we will reply as soon as possible) or call us directly. Details --> here

or via the school: You can ask your class teacher or the school social worker for advice and support. Our flyer can be helpful. Simply download it --> under Downloads